New Food Experience: Veggie Bibimbap

Making the decision and commitment to live a healthy Vegetarian life has been so exciting! Everyday is a new experience. A little over 3 weeks in and I feel absolutely incredible.

Today, I tried Bibimbap a Korean Veggie Bowl with Rice, Roasted & Sauteed Veggies, topped with a fried Egg and Spicy Kochujang Sauce.

When I tell you this dish gave me life… I mean it gave me my whole entire life!

This dish was rich and flavorful and contained an explosion of flavors from sweet to spicy, with the perfect hint of salty from the seaweed. The Vegetables were made to perfection… There was Spinach, Broccoli, Zucchini, Squash, Lima Beans, Cabbage, and strips of Seaweed Wrap. This was different from pretty much anything that I’ve ever eaten. I did really enjoy the dish overall and am super inspired to try my hand at recreating this at home. I can’t wait to try it and share the recipe. Stay posted to see how it turns out.

New Year.. New Food Goals!

With the New Year… as always comes the New Year Resolutions. This year I’ve decided to re-visit an old Resolution.. Becoming Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian! I tried being Vegetarian a few years ago and it was great however, as a younger woman I wasn’t very committed. I did enjoy playing around with Tofu and trying “new” veggies and recipes however, I wasn’t much of a cook and the Lifestyle got pretty expensive.. eating out all of the time.

Now that I’m older and wiser 🙂

I’ve decided to re-visit the Veg Life! I’m doing this more so, for health reasons. I’ve suffered from Hypertension for over 20 years now and I’ve packed on the pounds over the years and now I’m ready to re-claim my life and make healthier decisions.

With that being said I’ve decided to show my lil Blog Baby some love as I have been MIA for a few months while I made awful food choices 😦 Now, I’m  back.. Focused.. and Eager as Ever to start my Journey anew as a real life Vegetarian.

It’s only been officially 2 days but, I feel great and am staying committed.

Veg Life day 1_Lunch


Day 1: Roasted Veggies with Balsamic Vinegar 🙂

Veg Life day 2_Lunch

Day 2: Roasted Veggies and Tomato Bisque soup 🙂

Stay posted to see what’s coming up next!


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