New Experience: My First Wine Club Shipment ❤


I am so excited to officially be in the Wine Business! I posted last month that I joined Wine Shop At Home® as an Independent Wine Consultant and I must say after only 1 month it’s been the best business decision yet. So far, I’ve met some really amazing people, introduced my business to my co-workers and have gotten a ton of positive feedback, and potential customers. I’ve gotten a few Personal Wine Tastings on the Books and a few Sales. I’m super excited with growing momentum every day. Any whoo, Last Wednesday, I received my first Wine Club Shipment and I’m a happy camper. I couldn’t wait to open my little Blue Box. I was supposed to do my first unboxing video however, I haven’t been feeling all that well and decided to do a blog unboxing with pictures.

I signed up for the Artisan Collection® Club Select Membership which is a Monthly 2 Bottle Subscription. For only $39.95/month I will receive my choice of 1 Red Wine (Personal) and 1 White Wine (for my BF, Friends & Family) every single month ❤. You can choose (All Reds, All Whites, or Mixed.. which is what I chose). In addition to the Club Select Membership, they offer a Club Elite Membership 4 Bottles for $64.95 and a Pre-paid Club Option for people who enjoy gifting wine 🙂 3, 6, and 12 months.

I received a 2016 Halcyon Pinot Noir (Red), and a 2017 Halcyon Chardonnay (White). I love the fact that both Wines came with product card that tells you all about the Wine and Pairing Ideas and on the back of the card is a Recipe Pairing.

The Pinot Noir “Red Wine”: came with a Chicken Alfredo and Rice Casserole Recipe in which I will definitely make soon.. minus the Chicken or maybe I’ll use Vegetarian Chickn from Kroger or Whole Foods and for the “White Wine” Chardonnay: they provided a Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese Recipe ❤ I can’t wait to try this one! Thinking of making it this week.

Overall, the Pinot Noir was Amazing! It was a strong and powerful wine with strong fruity aromas of red fruit such as strawberry and raspberry as indicated on the info card. It was delicious and totally has me eager to order more wines (individually) whilst I await next next monthly shipment. In all honesty, I think that I may upgrade my membership this fall (4 Bottles) 1 bottle every week 🙂 totally makes sense!

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Place to visit: le detroit macaron

Le Macaron Detroit

Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday, I was finally able to visit le detroit macaron. So glad that I did. They have the cutest little shop in Capitol Park for the Summer, located at Griswold and State Streets. Inside their cute little glass shop they had merch for sale (t-shirts & mugs) but, I was a woman on a mission. I was on a 15 minute work break and had to get my little assortment of macarons. I’ve literally been thinking about them since my first experience with macarons last week. Yep, I’m officially obsessed!😍

Any whoo… It happened…

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I purchased an assortment of 5:

Rose, Chocolate Hazelnut, Almond, Fruity Pebbles, and the Pop Rocks Macaron. Everything was delicious! I did share with my boyfriend and 17 year old son whom also, have never experienced them. Surprisingly, they enjoyed them. My son had the Fruity Pebbles and Pop Rocks. He shared his experience by describing each taste.

The Fruity Pebbles he described as tasting like the actual cereal with a red velvet center.

The Pop Rocks were just like the candy and he loved it. He could hear and feel the pop rocks fizzing and popping on his tongue.. and described the taste as a strawberry ice cream taste with a pop tart icing feel.

I had the Rose and Almond flavors and again they were absolutely incredible! Very light and delicate and I enjoyed them a lot. Can’t wait to visit again.

You can check them out here: