About Me…


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10 Facts about Me..

  1. I’m a mother to four Amazing Young Adults.. that’s right 4! (3 sons and 1 daughter).
  2. My Favorite Color is Fave Color.. (I’m a super girly girl!)
  3. I currently work for America’s #1 Mortgage Lender.
  4. I’m a “D” girl.. Detroit, MI Born and Raised.
  5. I worked as a Bra Specialist for almost 10 years for Victoria’s Secret.
  6. I’m a Pisces.
  7. I lived in New York for 3 years (all Burroughs).
  8. I’m 40+ years old and LOVE Hello Kitty!
  9. I’m obsessed with Reality TV.
  10. I have “Queen B” Tatted on my wrist.. it’s not for vanity purposes – well, it kinda is but, it’s a reminder to me that I’m a fierce leader and that I’m free to be independent and an excellent provider to my lil’ kingdom of worker bees aka (my babies).

I began my blog a few days before my 40th birthday because I wanted to begin an online Journal dedicated to my Celebration of Life! I’ve always admired bloggers and finally built up the confidence to share my life’s experiences with the world. I’ve always been a Beauty Junkie, D.I.Y Diva, Giver of Advice, Socialite, and Wanna Be Cook. Recently, I’ve decided to focus on my one Biggest Passions which is Cooking. Although, I’m new to the whole Cooking & Baking Fancy Meals as well as trying new Recipes. I find that I’m actually quite comfortable with my abilities and have a new found love for it! With that being said I’ve converted my Blog to a Vegetarian Food Blog! My goal is to share really great Recipes and Experiences with my audience and ultimately empower others to find your niche or passion and pursue the hell out of it.

Enjoy.. and Remember to Always, Do What Makes You Happy!






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