New Experience: (French Cuisine)

This weeks posts comes from my fancy little lunch experience..

from Le Petit Zinc Detroit.


I’ve been wanting to experience this cute little restaurant since like forever. Whenever, I search for great Vegetarian Restaurants near me or the best Brunch Restaurants near me Le Petit Zinc Detroit always pops up in both searches. The Restaurant is located in Midtown 70 W. Alexandrine St., Detroit, MI 48201. They have a pretty nice menu offering everything from Specialty Crepes, Very French Breakfast Items Such as Cereales Avec Yaourt Et Fruit Frais (Granola with Yogurt or Milk and Fresh Fruits) to Croissants with Jam and Tartines (Toasted Baguettes with Jam) however, because it was lunch time and I was feeling a little hangry..  I chose to look at their actual food Menu, this is where the food options got real.. lol. There were plenty of dishes to choose from but, because I’m a simple Soup kinda girl.. I chose to stick with what I know for my first experience. The cool thing is that they offer online ordering via Grub Hub which is how I was able to place my lunch order.

I ordered the Ratatouille as my main course and Macarons for dessert.

There’s  only 1 word to describe them both.. Délicieux!



Vegetable Stew made of Eggplant, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Onion, and Tomatoes served with a side of sliced Baguettes.


And.. the real experience (Drumroll)…  the Macarons!!! This was my first time ever having Macarons and they were absolutely amazing! The perfect little sweet treat. I love the fact that they had a firm outer-shell, a soft bite and were really sweet and full of flavor, they didn’t taste like confectioners sugar.. Like I’d imagined. They were pretty delightful and I must say that I fell in love at first bite.

Now, that I’ve finally tried them.. I want more!

I am planning to visit Le Detroit Macaron

Le Macaron Detroit

They have a cute little shop located in Hamtramck.  However, for the Summer months they are a Market Vendor in Downtown Detroit with an even cuter little Pop Up Shop in Capital Park, which is actually in walking distance from my job. I am planning to visit them this week to try as many flavors as I possibly can. I’m especially excited to try one of their Signatures.. The Fruity Pebbles Macaron!!

Anywhoo.. I’ll get more into detail next weekend when I post all about that experience.

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